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EXTFS plugin for Midnight Commander V4.55 and above
for reading ADF, DMS and HDF formated files

The history:

Many years ago I got my favorit computer AMIGA 500 and started to code some "serious" things ;-) My first attempt was to make an intro for my very small and not well known group called Capri Team with only three members TBPS (that was me), CST and CSZ. After that we started to make a commercial game called 'ILLEGAL'. During that period I have collected many utilities demos modules and other stuff for myself to learn programming techniques and cool modules for our musician CST to make some really good musics. Sorry for history backend. Back to the topic. After this many years the collected disks were transfered to CDs in ADF and DMS formats to be used with popular UAE and WinUAE. But there was a really big problem: If I wanted to extract only one or few files then I had to start emulator then within the emulator extract wanted files to host file system to further use. This boring and time consuming method is dropped and a new utility was born. The main idea is to make posible within Midnight Commander to examine (actually - by now - to list and extract files) ADF and DMS file "archive". It was realized via MC's extfs (Extension File System ?) and it works like zip, rar or other archives. I wrote similar plugin for Windows (Total) Commander too, called AmigaDX. Back to adffs (Amiga Disk Format File System), there was also a similar utility, written by the author and maintainer of the ADFLib, but I made a new one because of the original utility lacked packer support and to make easier to interface with MC. My code is partially based on that original utility, coded in C and I hope it is well portable. At the moment only the file extracting and directory listing is supported but maybe in the future there will be write feature as well. Btw. I did not needed to write anything to ADF file, but many times I had to extract them.


Developed and tested on Red Hat LINUX 7.2 and SuSe 8.1 with Midnight Commander 4.55 and 4.60
You also need
ADFlib (C) 1997-1998 by Laurent Clevy & Dan Sutherland
Zlib by Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler
xDMS by Andre Rodrigues de la Rocha

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