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Crack the WALL!!! game

Here is another Amiga game I found on disk. This is the classic ZX Spectrum's Through-the-wall clone. Written in MC68000 assembler in the time between '93 and '94. This was my second "real" game on the Amiga (I think). The source is also included but it is awful so do don't use it for learning purpose. The ingame music is from "Catch'em" game. Because I dont know any musician at the time, therefore the credits (and greetings) goes for the authors of that game. About the game. There is - as you can see from the pictures bellow - ingame editor for the levels up to 99. So grab your imagination and draw some cool levels. Ah, I almost forgot to tell you how to activate the editor (because it is hidden :-)). On title screen enter the word EDITOR then press ENTER key and the editor will show up.

File download: