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Gedit3 plugins *

Documents extend

This was based on tabs_extend by √Čverton Ribeiro <>. In Gedit 3.4.1 the popup menu ui placeholder for notebook(tabs) is missing!? This makes impossible to add new entries to popup menu on tabs. So I rewrite the plugin to work with Documents menu. The "Close All" option was dropped because Gedit (3.4.1) already had that. This plugin adds three new functionality. Two for Documents menu and one for mouse interaction.

  1. Close others
  2. Undo close
  3. Close tab (middle click on mouse)

File download:

Other plugins

I'm not the original author of this plugins. Only fixed some minor bugs and make it to work with gEdit3.

Quick Highlight

The quick highlight plugin provides a faster and easier way to select the current document highlighting mode. Just press Ctrl+Shift+H, type the language and press Enter.

File download:

Pick Color

The colorpicker plugin is pure gtk color selection dialog. I fixed bugs which causes the plugin can't detect color code in document properly. This plugin was replaced with strange color selection dialog (!?) in the newer Gedit. But I prefer to use this "old" one. Besides the new dialog has no text box for manually edit color code.

File download:

* You need to extract all these plugins into $HOME/.local/share/gedit/plugins directory