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Javascript port of Commodore +4 game called "A Bölcsek köve"

What is this?

This is a javascript port of the old Commodore +4 game called "A Bolcsek köve", in translation "Stone of sages". The original game was written by Miklós Tihor, who has besides this masterpiece other interesting games as well. I tried to reproduce the gameplay very closely to the original; there are only some minor differences (I hope so :)). The game itself is an RPG genre game from the old days. Short prolog from the plus4world site:

Humanity needs the Stone of Sages back from where it has been hidden in ancient times, in order to defeat Zaarlo and give a cut to his domination over the world. To achieve this mission, you must be able to learn how to change your own body to let you survive and move in the four elements: on the ground, under the water, into the lava, up to the skies. As an angel, you can fly to the floating house where the Stone has been kept away from harmful hands.

This project was made possible with the sources from these great authors

The game does not use any 3rd party tool or engine. Everything was made from scratch with plain Javascript and canvas.

Valuable links:

The game has an online playable version at here

How to operate in the game

Use cursor keys to navigate the hero. Use the space bar key and cursor up to open/close doors. Use the space bar key and cursor down to operate with commands. To navigate the command, use the cursor up or cursor down, and press space to select the command. Use the cursor left and cursor right to navigate items selector or morph to selected life form.

Screenshots from the game

Just like in the old days, the game has embedded cheat codes:

  • allkeys = Doors are unlocked
  • snapshot = The game will manage quick snapshots for the player, if you can't continue just load the latest snapshot and you can try again
  • abrakadabra = Every life form, quick navigation between rooms by pressing the "PgUp" and "PgDown" keys.

the cheat codes must be entered blindly on the title screen.