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PHPDoc trigger for Gedit

To every one who love Gedit and programming in PHP. This utility is a “standard” PHPDoc style comment generator. Just put the /** trigger word above function declaration or bellow <?php tag or above var/public/protected etc. declaration and hit Enter … and you have a very nice standard PHPDoc style header just in right place. Really just that easy. So there is no excuse anymore to not comment your code. PHPDoc commented source code is easy readable by many PHP IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.) for example for auto completition feature. You can also auto generate some kind of documentation for your program too. Written in python.
Ok how to install? You ask. Simply unpack the archive into $HOME/.gnome2/gedit/plugins/ directory and activate via plugin manager Edit/Preferences/Plugins inside Gedit.


I finally decided to install a new ubuntu 11.10 on my desktop computer. Unfortunately (or luckily) after that had a coding task in php. But my PHPDoc plugin doesn't work in gedit3 because of the new plugin system. (Aaargh!) So I quickly hacked a gedit3 version. If you didn't know in gedit3 plugins need to be installed into $HOME/.local/share/gedit/plugins/ directory. After that the de/activation is the same as in gedit2 from Plugins tab in Preferences dialog.

File download:

For gedit 2.x version:

For gedit 3.x version: