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Power Packer unpack plugin for Total Commander V4.00 and above

What is this?

The most popular Amiga packer was the famous "Power packer" by Nico F. Many text files, sources, modules and pictures were packed with this utility. From now you can view and even extract this files from inside Total Commander. Combined with AmigaDX plugin this is a very powerful tool for old Amiga users ;-)

Developed and tested on Windows XP Total Commander 4.00

Download files

Here is the 64bit version of the unpackpp plugin!

Alongside AmigaDX this plugin were also recompiled.

Note: This is the first 64 bit release and not fully tested. If you found a bug let me know. But I can't promise it will be fixed in a short time.

Some of you may wondering what is the easiest way to install this plugin? Well, TC's auto install feature were supported by the plugin quite a long time by now. So here it is how to do it:
Download zipped file, but don't unpack it! Instead double click on downloaded file within TC. Then you will be prompted to accept plugin installation. Click on 'Yes' and you are done.

File download: