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CppDoc trigger for Gedit

To everyone who use Gedit for C++ programming, like me. This plugin is like PHPDoc but this time it is a C++ Doxygen comment trigger. Also written in python so you can customize for your needs. Unpack attached archive into $HOME/.gnome2/gedit/plugins directory then enable it in Edit/Preferences/Plugins inside Gedit. To invoke comment trigger enter /** then hit Enter. The comment generator can generate comments for file header - when you are at the first line of source code, comments for variables - when you are above variable declaration and for functions/methods - when you are above function/method declaration. This is what I need but you can make your own generators for ex. structs or enums too.

File download:

For gedit 2.x version:

For gedit 3.x version:

If you didn't know in Gedit3 plugins need to be installed into $HOME/.local/share/gedit/plugins/ directory. After that the de/activation is the same as in Gedit2 from Plugins tab in Preferences dialog.